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    Autry J. Pruitt is a writer, radio host, political advocate, and thought leader who believes in limited government and free market.


    Autry is a Black-American from the Mid-West who believes that the Democratic Party has sold out African-Americans. His political life is dedicated to fostering a relationship between traditional and non-traditional conservatives and removing the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on the African-American vote.


    Always alert to dangers of the collective, Autry was introduced at a young age to politics through C-Span and Insight Magazine. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Americans for Fair Taxation, and his articles have been published in Forbes, American Spectator, The Hill, Townhall, and Brietbart. Autry was the featured new-media broadcaster for two years at the “Shot Show” in Las Vegas and is scheduled to appear at the venue again 2017.


    Autry is an official surrogate for the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign, 2016.


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